EPC to Demo GaN-based Wireless Power Systems and LIDAR Technology

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, on January 9-12, Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) will demonstrate its eGaN® technology for wireless power and LiDAR for self-driving cars. As a partner of the AirFuel Alliance, EPC will showcase a GaN-based wirelessly powered system embedded in a desktop. The wirelessly powered system can power multiple devices anywhere on the surface for up to a total power consumption of 300 W.

According to the company, this level of power output makes it possible to simultaneously power a computer and a lamp, run a monitor, communicate via a talking digital assistant, and charge a cell phone, all without running a single power cord to any of the devices. The AirFuel Alliance booth (#40140) is in the CES Tech West Smart Home Section of the Sands Expo, 200 Sands Avenue.

In the EPC Palazzo hospitality suite at The Venetian hotel, visitors can get a glimpse of a wireless world in which EPC will showcase multiple wirelessly powered surfaces to demonstrate the broad range of consumer uses of powering home appliances that normally require power chords. The demo will power a radio and baby monitor while charging a wearable on a nightstand, and power both a computer and lamp while charging a phone on a desktop.

Also shown in the EPC suite will be an eGaN field effect transistor-based LiDAR system that can be used for self-driving cars.