Energous Introduces Near Field WattUp Wireless Charging Solution

Energous Corporation the creator of the WattUp®, an innovative wire-free charging solution that offers over-the-air power-at-a-distance, today announced the release of a new, high-power, Near Field WattUp charging solution. WattUp differs from older wireless charging technologies in that it can deliver contained power, at a distance, to multiple devices.

The company’s technology uses a Radio Frequency (RF) system, similar to a Wi-Fi system to provide safe and wire-free charging energy at distances of up to about 15 feet from a transmitter to a receiver device. The company says that the technology employs multiple miniature antenna arrays and WattUp Transmitter technology to deliver highly focused pockets of energy from the transmitter.

Then, paired antenna arrays and WattUp® Receiver Technology capture the micro energy beams from these pockets in the receiver devices. Also, according to the company, the WattUp® software system guarantees that proprietary algorithms dynamically direct, focus, and control the charging waveforms.

Works on Tablets, Smartphones Game Controllers, Wireless Speakers, and More

The new solution, which can charge devices with up to 10 watts of power, can charge smartphones, tablets, game controllers, smart speakers, drones and more. Energous says that the new device also eliminates charging contacts and connectors for a much broader range of devices.

The new, high-power Near Field WattUp charging solution includes a gallium nitride (GaN)-based 5-10W RF receiver IC, a GaN-based 10-15W RF Power Amplifier (PA). The RF-based charging solution now allows for full 2D / planar movement and supports for 90˚ charging angles (sideways charging). The technology uses a smaller receiver (RX) size, and according to Energous, the solution offers superior accommodation of metal and other foreign objects compared to its previous solution. Also, the company says that the integration of the power amplifier leads to lower overall system BOM cost.

Michael Leabman, Founder & CTO of Energous commented, “Our ability to develop multiple components within the WattUp ecosystem allows us to innovate based on our customer needs.”