Emcore Launches 10 Gbps DFB Laser and APD Chip Solutions for Passive Optical Networks

Emcore Corporation of Alhambra, California USA, reported the introduction of a range of 10 Gbps DFB laser and APD chip solutions. The company designed the DFB laser and APD chip for XG-PON, XG-EPON, and NG-PON2 Passive Optical Networks.

Emcore boasts that it is the only chip supplier worldwide with a complete product portfolio of laser, PIN, and APD photodiodes with an in-house InP wafer fab facility. The facility also serves as the company’s base for vertically-integrated manufacturing of its laser, transmitter and receiver products.

Emcore says it latest G1013 series of 10 Gbps top and bottom Illuminated APD & PIN photodiode chips feature high-responsivity, low-capacitance, low dark current. The company also notes that it created the G1013 series to provide low-cost, high-speed data communication receiving in fiber optic networks.

The top illuminated models of the devices are available as tested die. Emcore tested the bottom-illuminated coplanar APD & PIN photodiodes to be mounted on a Chip-On-Block (COB) for easier assembly into receiver modules.

The company soon plans to introduce companion 10 Gbps laser chips with wavelengths of 1270 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm. Emcore’ says that its 10G chip offerings feature advanced digital chip design, high optical output power, are Telcordia Technologies® 468 and RoHS compliant, and they have a wide operating temperature range of -40o to +85o C.

Jeffrey Rittichier, President, and CEO of Emcore commented, “In addition to next-gen PON applications, these latest chip offerings have application in 4G LTE+ and emerging 5G wireless networks,” added Mr. Rittichier.

Emcore will showcase its chip-level devices and its complete line of optical components at OFC 2017, booth #3407.