Emcore Corporation, Group4 Labs, and Air Force Research Laboratory Demonstrate GaN-on-Diamond Transistor

Emcore Corporation located in Somerset, New Jersey USA, announced that a team from Emcore’s EMD divison, Group4 Labs and engineers at the U.S. Air Force
Research Laboratory (AFRL) have successfully demonstrated a gallium nitride (GaN)-on-diamond
high electron mobility transistor (HEMT). According to Emcore, the aluminum
gallium nitride (AlGaN) on GaN transistor layers were grown using metal-organic
chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). The MOCVD process was completed at Emcore,
and then Group4 Labs attached their CVD-produced diamond substrate using their
patented technology. Finally, the AFRL fabricated the transistors.

Emcore said, that demonstration proved the feasibility of making GaN-based
radio frequency (RF) devices thermally coupled to diamond substrates for maximum
heat extraction. The team expects to be able to pack more devices in less space
due to better heat dissipation. Additionally the improved heat dissipation will
allow more devices to be placed close to the active device area. The team expects
that the novel packaging and foundry process could be used for high performance
GaN-based RF devices, high brightness LEDs and Laser Diodes. “We are
excited by the promise of this technology combining the most robust semiconductor
material with the best heat spreader,”
commented Dr. Ivan Eliashevich,
Director of R&D at Emcore Corporation’s EMD division. Emcore
News Release

This demonstration was the result of years of work during the compound semiconductor