Edmund Optics Orders Veeco’s SPECTOR Ion Beam Sputtering System

Edmund Optics® of Plainview, New York USA, has ordered the SPECTOR® Ion Beam Sputtering System from Veeco Instruments Inc. Edmund Optics is a supplier of optics, imaging, and photonics technology for the Biomedical, Life Sciences, Defense, Semiconductor, and R&D markets around the globe. The company intends to use the new system to support the fabrication of Edmund Optics’ expanding portfolio of high-quality laser optics for visible, infrared, and ultraviolet systems.

Ordering the SPECTOR platform helps Edmund Optics enhance its optics manufacturing capabilities and adds to the company’s existing expertise in aspheric design and production. Furthermore, the company plans to use the new system to develop advanced optical metrology, and fabricate optics for high laser fluence applications.

Edmund Optics to Use SPECTOR System for Laser Optic Coating Fabrication

Joel Bagwell, director of engineering and manufacturing technology at Edmund Optics commented, “The SPECTOR’s ability to create extremely high quality, high-performance films is especially important for our laser optics coatings, and will help expand our portfolio to encompass new and emerging applications. ”

Optical coatings are useful in a wide range of commercial categories including defense, telecom, defense, architecture, solar, medical, transportation, and industrial, as well as in consumer products such as computers, flat-screen TVs, cell phones, and eyeglass coatings.

Veeco asserts that the SPECTOR ion beam sputtering platform offers exceptional layer thickness control, enhanced process stability, and it boasts the lowest published optical losses in the industry.

Veeco also contends that the SPECTOR optimizes target material usage, improves optical endpoint control, and reduces the processing time for advanced optical coating applications. According to Veeco, more than 200 advanced manufacturing settings around the world have installed the SPECTOR platform. The company also says that manufacturers frequently choose the system due to the advantages of its ion beam sputtering technology such as low scatter loss, high film purity, stable deposition rates, and film thickness control of under 0.1nm.