Dow Corning Expands Prime Grade Portfolio to Include 150 mm SiC Wafers

Dow Corning, announced that it now offers 150 mm diameter silicon carbide (SiC) wafers under its Prime Grade portfolio. The company recently launched its 100 mm SiC wafer portfolio, which now also offers three tiers of manufacturing quality 150 mm SiC substrates. The three tiers are labeled Prime Standard, Prime Select and Prime Ultra, and each tier in the respective order offers increasingly stringent tolerances on defect types reduce device performance, including basal plane dislocations (BPD), micropipe density (MPD), and threading screw dislocations (TSD). Dow Corning boasts that it is among the first companies to specify low tolerances for defect types other than micropipe densities such as TSD and BPD. The company says that such defects reduce device yields for producing large-area, next-generation power electronic devices with higher current ratings.

Tang Yong Ang, vice president, Compound Semiconductor Solutions, Dow Corning stated, “Dow Corning’s decision to expand its Prime Grade portfolio to include 150 mm diameter SiC wafers aims to meet this very competitive demand. As we rapidly scale production of these high-quality wafers, our customers will be able to more confidently pinpoint the SiC substrate that optimizes the performance and cost of their next-generation device design while leveraging the improved economies of scale offered by larger wafer diameters.”