Dow Chemical to Supply Quantum Dots for LG Electronics’ New Ultra HD TV

Dow Chemical Company reported that it is collaborating with LG Electronics (LG) to provide cadmium-free quantum dot technology for LGs new Ultra HD TV. The TV that uses quantum dots was unveiled at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Dow has the exclusive license to manufacture, market, and sell Nanoco Group’s cadmium free quantum dot technology for brilliant color in displays. Quantum Dots are expected to be a lower cost alternative to OLED TVs with similar picture quality. The supply agreement will reportedly give LG  a consistent and reliable, supply from Dow.

In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV and monitor division at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, said, “Through our partnership with Dow, we can go forward knowing we have the strength of Dow’s large-scale cadmium-free quantum dot manufacturing facility and the expertise of Dow beside us.” He added, “Dow’s quantum dot technology takes LGs latest LCD TVs to a new level of picture quality, and further establishes LG as a leading provider of the most diverse and innovative TV display technologies in the industry.”

“We look forward to our continued collaboration with LG as they bring their new quantum dot TV to the consumer marketplace,” said Dominic Yang, president of Dow’s Electronic Materials’ business. “Aligned to our market-driven strategy, this collaboration is a strong example of Dow continuing to meet the needs of the market and consumer demands. It is indeed a pleasure to support our customers in the development of extraordinary display applications.”