DOE Awards Stion Grant of About $1 Million

Stion is among the grant winners from the US Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative Program, which intends to drive down the cost of solar electricity and support solar adoption. The DOE awarded the start-up company based in Hattiesburg, Missouri, USA a $956,630 grant.

In parallel with work done at Colorado State University, the company says it will seek to improve scribing and monolithic interconnection technology that should boost module efficiency. In addition to increasing module efficiency, the goal of the project is to lower the levelized cost of electricity for consumers.

Stion Manufactures CIGSSe Thin-Film Solar Modules

Stion produces monolithically integrated copper indium gallium sulfur selenium (CIGSSe) thin-film solar modules at its production and engineering facility in Mississippi. These 160 W modules achieve 15% STC and 11.3% NOCT efficiency. However, the company intends to use the grant to improve this efficiency.

The company plans to use the grant to develop an all-laser interconnect architecture. After cell deposition, this all-laser interconnect architecture can be patterned in one step on Stion’s module production line in Hattiesburg. According to Stion, the process could increase module efficiency by 6% (relative) and radically streamline the production flow resulting in lower production cost.