Dilas Introduces 240W, 915nm Fiber Laser Pump Module

Dilas of Tucson, Arizona USA, has expanded the wavelength range of its tailored bar-based architecture,  its new high brightness fiber laser pump module. The new fiber laser pump module provides up to 240W optical output power at 915nm.  The tailored bar architecture platform combines optimized chip structures with high brightness beam shaping technologies. Dilas notes that the tailored bar is a monolithic multi-emitter source that allows the handling of multiple emitters during each manufacturing step.

Dilas contends that the ability to handle multiple emitters during each step lowers complexity and enhances reproducibility, beam quality and fiber coupling efficiency. The new laser pump module provides 240W of scalable output power from a 200μm, NA 0.22, modestrip cladding power free, non-detachable, pigtailed fiber. The company plans to soon combine several of these modules with spatial and polarization multiplexing techniques into larger assemblies for single wavelength scalability of output power. These fiber-coupled modules target a wide variety of high-power, fiber-laser pumping applications in industry and research and development. They can also be used in direct diode applications.