Diamond Microwave Launches Compact GaN-based Power Amps

Diamond Microwave of Shipley, UK, announced the launch of a range of compact microwave GaN-based pulsed solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) in a new ‘slimline’ format. The SSPAs include 200W and 400W models at X-band. At the same time, the company added new models including a rack-mounted 1kW X-band amplifier and a 1kW C-band design.

The Diamond Microwave DM-X400-04 and DM-X200-04 are compact pulsed X-band GaN SSPAs with minimum peak pulsed output power specified at 400W (+56dBm) and 200W (+53dBm) respectively over a 1300MHz bandwidth. They both operate with pulse widths up to 100µs and feature duty cycles up to 15%. Saturated power gain is nominally 55dB. Both models, which are compact alternatives to vacuum tube amplifiers, offer built-in phase control to optimize power combining.

Diamond Microwave DM0020 GaN-based SSPA

Diamond Microwave DM0020 GaN-based SSPA

New Diamond Microwave Power Amps Serve as Alternative to Vacuum Tube Amps

They can work in demanding defense, aerospace and communications applications. The Diamond Microwave amplifiers are slimmed down versions of the flagship DM-X200-02 and DM-X400-02 ‘smart’ high-power amplifiers (HPA), measuring just 150mm x 197mm x 30mm. These amplifiers can be combined with an external Diamond Microwave two-way power combiner DM-X1K0-03 to achieve greater than 900W peak pulse power. The DM-X200-04 and DM-X400-04 incorporate an internal electronically-adjusted phase shifter, which optimizes the combining phase and can be applied if alternative combiners are used.

N-type output connectors are fitted as standard, but waveguide can be offered as an option.

“The amplifiers based on our new slimline platform are ideal for applications that do not require the sophisticated Ethernet monitoring provided by the ‘smart’ amplifier platform,” said Richard Lang, Managing Director of Diamond Microwave.

Diamond Microwave’s broadband 2.0GHz – 6.0GHz amplifier uses a new and more compact enclosure design. Two new models have also been added to the range: a 1kW pulsed C-band amplifier at 5.2 – 5.9GHz, and an X-band 1kW amplifier that is mounted in a 19” rack enclosure.