Customer Places $1.0 Million InSb Order with IQE’s Infrared Division

IQE plc of Cardiff, UK, has received a $1 million purchase order for InSb substrates that are used in advanced mid-wave infrared imaging. IQE Infrared’s US substrate division, Galaxy Compound Semiconductor Inc., will deliver volume quantities of InSb substrates to one of its long term customers. The order is reportedly the largest order to date for IQE’s new range of Infrared substrates.

InSb substrates are employed for imaging technology in the mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) range, and cameras fabricated from InSb are used for defense, security, medical and industrial imaging applications. IQE claims that its infrared is the exclusive supplier of all InSb, and IQE notes that its separate divisions US (Galaxy) and UK (Wafer Technology) collectively meet the requirements for a secure, dual source supply of InSb substrates.

Dr. Drew Nelson, CEO of IQE plc, commented, “The investments that we have made to enhance our crystal growth, wafering and substrate polishing capabilities at both Galaxy and Wafer Technology will enable us to fully meet the InSb product demands of our customers, both in terms of volume and quality, across a full 2”-6” product range.”