Custom MMIC Launches GaAs and GaN Solutions at IMS 2018

At IMS 2018, Circuits (MMICs) based in Westford, Massachusetts USA, announced the Ultra Low Noise Amplifier (ULNA) MMIC. The CMD283C3 touts an unbelievable 0.6 dB noise figure, beating all other LNA MMICs, and challenging discrete component solutions. The ULNA MMIC operates over a frequency range of 2 GHz to 6 GHz (S & C-band) and features output IP3 of +26 dBm.

Custom MMIC Launching GaAs MMIC Digital Attenuator Family

Custom MMIC is also introducing four members of its new GaAs MMIC digital attenuator family. The CMD279 and CMD280 operate up to 30 GHz and have 5-bit control. Attenuation range for the CMD279 and CMD280 MMICs is up to 15.5 dB. Also just released, two, 2-bit attenuators, the DC-40 GHz CMD282, and the DC-35 GHz CMD282, offer coarser control in 4 and 2 dB steps respectively. All four devices provide input IP3 of +42 dBm.

Our latest Distributed Amplifier, the DC-20 GHz CMD249P5, offers a positive gain slope with nominal 12 dB gain. The GaAs device features output Psat of +30 dBm and output IP3 of +38 dBm.

Custom MMIC says that future MMIC releases include more ultra-low noise amplifiers and digital attenuators, as well as GaN mixers, and broadband distributed power amplifiers.