CTF Solar Selects LayTec In-Line Process Inspection System

CTF Solar, a wholly owned company of CTIEC (a member of the CNBM Group), has selected LayTec’s in-line process inspection system for its new 80 MW/a CdS/CdTe thin film solar cell production line in China. The inspection system monitors the fabrication of all significant layers of the solar cell structure for production quality and yield. LayTec’s in-line, multi-station inspection system also examines the incoming TCO coated float glass, and uses a precise measurement of relevant film characteristics. From these measurements, the system generates statistical process control data of CTF Solar’s CdS/CdTe solar cell structure. The process inspection system continuously provides complete analytical data to the host of the local manufacturing execution system (MES).

Tom Thieme, LayTec’s director of marketing and sales, said, “LayTec is honored that a global leading company as CNBM, with global recognition of manufacturing front glass solar panels, is choosing LayTec’s advanced inspection systems to deliver highest quality made in China. This decision supports the ongoing transition to move from quantity to manufacture sustainable PV cell quality. Process knowledge here is the key to success.”

Michael Harr, CEO of CTF Solar said, “CNBM has the highest demands on quality and yield for our new CdS/CdTe fab in Chengdu. The best process knowledge and deviation awareness at the earliest stage is a fundamental keystone for sustainable PV cell production and world leading quality. LayTec’s market leading technology for in-line inspection is essential for our high demands on quality and yield.”