CST Global Partners with University of Glasgow to Operate MOCVD System

UK firm CST Global, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sivers IMA Holdings AB and an independent, III-V optoelectronic, semiconductor foundry, has reported that it is collaborating with the University of Glasgow to operate a metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) system in its foundry facility. The University of Glasgow will own the system while CST Global will install and run it. CST Global and the University of Glasgow will share the operating costs. CST Global reportedly intends to use the system to produce lasers.

Neil Martin, CEO of CST Global, commented, “Our collaboration provides a route for research projects to reach commercially viable volumes, leveraging CST Global’s world-wide customer base. Installing the MOCVD machine at CST Global also means our foundry services are readily available for projects, when required and safely managed within an ISO 9001:2015 quality environment.”

He added, “Our agreement with the University of Glasgow means we can use the MOCVD to provide epitaxial ‘overgrowth’ services to customers when it is not being used for research projects. It brings this process in-house and within our control, reducing our laser production cost-base and improving delivery times.”

“I am convinced this MOCVD collaboration will pave the way for further, exciting, academic, commercial partnerships,” concluded Martin.