CSA Catapult Secures first Commercial Agreement with University of Bristol; Names CEO

The Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult has secured its first commercial agreement with the University of Bristol. In other CSA News, Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult in Cardiff has appointed a director from defense firm Raytheon as its CEO.

The university has developed a novel technology called TherMap, which uses a non-destructive technique to measure the thermal properties of semiconductor wafers and other multilayer structures. According to the University, this method is suitable for most wide bandgap layer structures, including GaN on SiC, and can be used for in-line process monitoring and yield optimization.

The university has contracted the CSA Catapult to analyze the potential market for this technology, and use this knowledge to help develop a commercialization roadmap. As part of this analysis, the Catapult will interview potential users of the technology to ascertain their current approach to wafer characterization and educate them about TherMap.

The University of Bristol is also offering a free trial service to device manufacturers and wafer fabs around the world. Also, the Catapult is fielding inquiries from interested fabs.

New CSA Catapult CEO from Raytheon

Stephen Doran currently serves as the director of operations and transformation at defense contractor Raytheon UK, which has a factory at Broughton.

The CSA Catapult intends to stimulate the use of compound semiconductor devices in industry and academia. It is the 11th Catapult to be opened by Innovate UK. As CEO, Doran will lead the strategic direction of the center.

Stephen Doran said, “The facilities and expertise the Catapult is creating will accelerate the introduction of UK developed semiconductor technology into new advanced systems, to solidify the UK’s position at the core of international supply chains spanning multiple markets across the globe.”