CS Connected, New Compoundsemi Cluster Debuts This Week in Cardiff

At Cardiff University, the name of the new compoundsemi cluster will be introduced this week The cluster, CS Connected brings together academics, international businesses, and startups, along with policy makers who are focused on created next-generation compoundsemi technology that can thrust Wales into the technology forefront.

CompoundSemi Taking over Silicon for Certain Applications

While silicon technology has long been the driving force of today’s information society, increasingly, demands for higher performance have had to rely on compound semiconductors. Compound semiconductor-based components offer speeds more than 100 times faster and can operate at very low power.

Semiconductor wafer producer IQE plc of Cardiff is partnering with the CS Connected. They are using their supply chain in their partnership with Cardiff University, along with the UK and Welsh governments. The goal of the program is to bridge what some in the industry have referred to as the “Valley of Death” between research and development efforts and commercial reality.

CS Connected Intends to Create Thousands of Jobs

Investors are backing several initiatives that intend to quickly translate compoundsemi research into commercial success in the form of products and services. The CS Connected cluster hopes to generate up to 5,000 high-value jobs. The University is hosting representatives of the region’s compound semiconductor expertise to show what CS Connected has to offer.

Speakers for the event include Dr. Drew Nelson, CEO, IQE plc; Professor Diana Huffaker, Director, Institute for Compound Semiconductors; Dr. Wyn Meredith, Director, Compound Semiconductor Centre Ltd; Professor Peter Smowton, Director, EPSRC Future Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Hub; and Dr. Andy Sellars, Innovate UK High Value Manufacturing Lead, Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult.