Cree Debuts Low Cost Extended Bandwidth GaN HEMT Transistors for Small Cell Networks

Cree of Durham, North Carolina USA, has introduced a new family of GaN HEMT RF transistors. Cree based the design of the new family of GaN HEMT transistors on its qualified 50V, 0.4µm gate length process. The company built the GaN HEMT RF transistors on plastic dual-flat no-leads (DFN) surface mount packages. According to Cree, its new GaN HEMT RF transistors can affordably replace less efficient Si or GaAs transistors in these applications. The new HEMT DFN product family includes 28V and 50V, 15W and 30W unmatched transistors that can operate in a range between 700 MHz to 3.8 GHz instantaneous, and may be optimized for band splits. Cree asserts that its GaN HEMT RF transistors simplify thermal management and help reduce the size and weight of LTE cellular network transmitters. Additionally, the device’s efficiency gains generate significant energy savings in operational costs.

“Our industry-leading GaN technology will provide the desired bandwidth, flexibility, efficiency and affordability our small cell customers demand, ” Tom Dekker, director of sales and marketing, RF Business Unit, Cree, Inc., said.

The company’s Doherty reference design CDPA27045 with the 15W and 30W HEMT DFN transistors demonstrates the technology’s superior efficiency. The design provides about 50 percent drain efficiency at 10W average power with an LTE 7.5dB peak-to-average ratio signal, and covers 2.5-2.7 GHz instantaneous RF bandwidth while providing 16dB of linear gain. Samples and reference designs are available for the CGH27030S (30W, 28V, 0.4µm), CGHV27015S (15W, 50V, 0.4µm) andCGHV27030S (30W, 50V, 0.4µm) GaN HEMT.