Cree and Eta Devices to Demonstrate the Most Efficient Power Amplifier for Mobile Base Stations

Cree, Inc. and Eta Devices, Inc. will demonstrate what the company’s claim
to be the world’s most efficient power amplifier for mobile base stations at
the 2013 Mobile World Congress, February 24-28 in Barcelona, Spain.

While current generation mobile base station amplifiers using silicon LDMOS
transistors can provide amplifier efficiencies up to 45 percent, Eta Devices
says its next-generation power amplifiers can deliver greater than 70%
efficiency under a 4G LTE modulation format.

Jim Milligan, business director, Cree RF. “Our transistors have been
instrumental in demonstrating Eta Devices’ amplifiers, which perform 50 percent
more efficiently than the best incumbent silicon power amplifiers currently
available in the 4G LTE market.”

It’s estimated that the world’s mobile networks consume about 120TWh of
electricity per year, with 50-80 percent of these networks’ power consumed by
their power amplifiers and associated components. ETA claims that it could save
up to 50 percent of the $36.5 billion spent to power mobile base stations each