Compound Semi Roadmap Upgraded

Updates have just come in from Mike Tinston who manages the website for the National Compound
Semiconductor Roadmap (the NCSR
is quite international, actually… but who’s noticing)that should be of interest to all compound semi developers, especially those working on truly leading edge materials and device research. First and foremost, the site was under major upgrade but all appears back online
and fine. If users spot any potholes, they’ve but to contact
Mike direct. He also reports that 53 samples have been now entered into the
Sample Exchange, and to keep them coming in. If anyone needs help posting,
he can now accomplish that in batch format (undoubtedly because of the site
upgrade). The workings of The interactive Roadmap section are now complete
and Mike’s working with several people to enter additional Roadmap Areas,
including Questions and Opinions. The general idea of the Q&O is
for the site users to determine what technical areas need to be mapped, specific
questions for that area, and all users to enter their thoughts on when it will
be achieved. The Challenge Database onramp is still growing, and is admittedly
not yet a complete list of all the challenges faced in the field. He
asks that site users please take a moment to capture the challenge in which
their research is focused and enter it into the challenge database… or reply
to others who are working in your area. In so doing, the hope is that new relationships
will be fostered which will be followed by fresh collaborations. And the driving
gets even more fun as CS roadmap warriors can now subscribe to a particular
challenge to receive updates as people post information to that challenge.

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