Companies Form the RF Energy Alliance

RF component companies including Whirlpool R&D (an affiliate company of Whirlpool Corporation), Rogers Corporation,  NXP Semiconductors, ITW, Huber+Suhner, and E.G.O. Elektro-Gerätebau GmbH, announced the formation of the RF Energy Alliance. This consortium intends to advance solid-state radio frequency-based power and heating solutions. According to the Alliance, RF-based power and heating is a transformative, cost-effective and highly efficient technology. The Alliance plans to help development of standards, help educate, and promote of solid-state RF energy.

Target applications for the technology include consumer and industrial cooking, automotive ignition, industrial lighting and heating, and medical devices for imaging, hyperthermia treatment and ablation. The Alliance will define specifications for RF energy components, sub-modules, interfaces and necessary systems for its target applications with its first focus on solid-state cooking. 

Roadmaps for critical elements in each application’s supply chain will back the specifications. The consortium will establish a comprehensive validation and certification program to ensure reliability and base performance levels of components and end-products. Member companies, which range from OEMs and suppliers to service providers and institutions, will aid the evolution of existing applications and create new ones that can benefit from solid-state RF energy.

“The technology has reached a tipping point where broad adoption can be realized in a variety of applications that are either driven by magnetron tubes and the likes or are even completely new,” said Adriano Scaburri, Technology Director Advanced Development at Whirlpool and Chair of the RF Energy Alliance.