CO2Meter Uses Infrared LED-based Sensors from GSS

CO2Meter is a Florida-based business specializing in gas detection and monitoring devices, primarily CO2. The company serves as a long-term partner of Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) and has been using and supplying their next generation, LED-based CO2 sensors at the heart of the CO2Meter detection devices. These devices include level controllers, alarms, and data loggers. CO2Meter added a CO2 alarm that can handle up to 100% concentrations of CO2.

Most CO2 sensors operate by measuring how much light CO2 molecules absorb in the 4.2 to 4.4 microns range as the light passes through the sample gas. This type of light absorption is called Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) absorption. The amount of absorption shows how much CO2 is present. GSS developed proprietary LEDs that the company specifically tuned to emit at these wavelengths.

GSS produces a range of sensors under the SprintIR and ExplorIR brands that can read up to 100% CO2 concentrations.

CO2Meter -- iSense Alarm

CO2Meter — iSense Alarm

The iSense alarm (CM-0052) works for both temporary and permanent installations in industrial applications and can be used for purposes such as monitoring and control, long-range data collection, sampling inspections, remote deployment, and CO2 leak detection. According to CO2Meter, the device is ideal for use in industrial settings, such as manufacturing and production applications, fermentation barrels and vats, biological incubators, and agricultural storage.

GSS ExplorIR-W 100% CO2 concentration sensor

GSS ExplorIR-W 100% CO2 concentration sensor

iSense alarm uses the ExplorIR®-W 100% concentration CO2 sensor. Calum MacGregor, CEO at GSS commented, “This solid-state platform [ExplorIR®-W] that enables the earliest warning of any possible CO2 leaks. This also provides the exacting precision needed in leak detection and similar applications.”