Chengdu HiWafer Semiconductor Orders SPTS Omega Plasma Etch System

SPTS Technologies Omega plasma etch system

SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company, based in Newport, Whales, UK that produces PVD and CVD processing systems, reported that Chengdu HiWafer Semiconductor Co., Ltd (HiWafer), a Chinese pure-wafer foundry, ordered the Omega® plasma etch system. HiWafer intends to use the SPTS Omega® plasma etch system to establish their new 6-inch gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon carbide (SiC) production line.

HiWafer to Utilize SPTS Synapse and ICP Modules for GaN-on-SiC High Power RF Devices

According to SPTS, HiWafer will employ its Synapse™ and ICP process modules on an Omega c2L platform to etch SiC backside vias (BSV) and GaN epitaxial layers for the fabrication of high power radio frequency (RF) devices. SPTS asserts that HiWafer selected the high rate Omega system over the competition because the Synapse provides superior SiC etch rates while the ICP module offers improved selectivity for GaN etch.

“HiWafer is already a well-established Chinese foundry producer of gallium arsenide-based pHEMT and HBT RF devices currently used in 4G communication, and they are an early adopter of SiC and GaN materials for use in high-end RF devices that target the worldwide 5G protocol,” said Kevin Crofton, President of SPTS Technologies and Corporate Executive Vice President at Orbotech.

Mr. Nengwu Gao, General Manager of HiWafer, commented, “The addition of SPTS’s Omega plasma etch system gives us the tools to compete in GaN on SiC RF technology in telecoms and transportation applications, including railway systems. Acquiring this capability enables us to explore new applications and supports our ambitions to become a highly profitable and successful semiconductor foundry.”