LED Technology

San’an Qualifies Aixtron System for DUV LED Production

Aixtron SE reported that Chinese optoelectronics producer San’an Optoelectronics has qualified Aixtron’s Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) process chamber reactor for the production of Deep UV (DUV) LEDs . The new process chamber uses Aixtron’s CCS technology. Aixtron asserts that the CCS reactor is the first commercially available MOCVD reactor that can …

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Lumileds Adds Higher Output COB Core Range LED Arrays

Lumileds releases higher output members of Luxeon COB Core Range of LED arrays.

Lumileds has added three new products to its Luxeon CoB Core Range for high lumen output applications including streetlights, stadium lights as well as low and high bay fixtures. “We now have the ability to address not only 40 and 50W applications but up to 100W and 120W applications with …

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Cambridge Nanotherm Expands Manufacturing Capacity

Thermal management company Cambridge Nanotherm announced that it added manufacturing capability and capacity to its MCPCB manufacturing base to meet increasing demand for its thermal management solutions. Cambridge Nanotherm boasts that its manufacturing capabilities include fast turnaround prototyping, high-definition thin-film circuitization, specialty manufacturing, and through to high-volume mass production. The …

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Xiamen Changelight Qualifies AIX R6 System

Aixtron SE announced that Xiamen Changelight, a Chinese optoelectronics manufacturer, has completed the qualification of Aixtron’s Close Coupled Showerhead MOCVD system AIX R6 for mass production of LEDs. According to Aixtron, in the course of the qualification process, the AIX R6 system not only demonstrated its production capabilities but also …

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BluGlass and HC SemiTek Collaborate on LEDs

BluGlass Limited of Australia reported that it will partner with HC SemiTek, a Chinese LED chip manufacturer. BluGlass and HC SemiTek will collaborate to explore low-temperature deposition of Aluminum Nitride (AlN) for use in high brightness LEDs and review the RPCVD advantages for the fabrication of green LEDs. Through the …

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Plessey Semiconductor Now in Horticultural Lighting

Plessey Semiconductors, a private UK company that manufactures gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) LEDs, reported that it has signed an international and exclusive license agreement to produce and sell the LED-based horticultural lighting solutions from PhytoLux®. According to the terms of the agreement, PhytoLux will essentially become Plessey’s brand of horticultural lighting …

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