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Chengdu HiWafer Semiconductor Orders SPTS Omega Plasma Etch System

SPTS Technologies Omega plasma etch system

SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company, based in Newport, Whales, UK that produces PVD and CVD processing systems, reported that Chengdu HiWafer Semiconductor Co., Ltd (HiWafer), a Chinese pure-wafer foundry, ordered the Omega® plasma etch system. HiWafer intends to use the SPTS Omega® plasma etch system to establish their new 6-inch gallium …

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GT Introduces SiC Production Solution

GT Advanced Technologies Corporation (GT) of Merrimack, New Hampshire USA, has launched a silicon carbide production solution for commercial sale. According to GT, the production solution can produce high-quality, semiconductor grade, six-inch silicon carbide boules with a stable and repeatable process. The company contends that its complete silicon carbide production …

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BluGlass Helps Seren Photonics Transfer Semi-Polar GaN Template Process to MOCVD Platform

Australian firm BluGlass Limited has successfully facilitated for its customer, Seren Photonics Limited, the transfer of their GaN template process to the BluGlass MOCVD platform. Seren Photonics of the UK develops semi-polar gallium nitride (GaN) products. Since November 2016, BluGlass has been working with Seren (BluGlass News Release) with the …

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Veeco Acquisition of Ultratech Completed

Veeco Instruments Inc., a supplier of advanced thin film etch and deposition process equipment based in Plainview, New York USA, reported the completion of its acquisition of Ultratech, Inc (Ref: Coverage). Ultratech based in San Jose, California provides lithography, laser-processing and inspection systems for the fabrication of semiconductor devices and LEDs. …

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Hua Hong Semiconductor Introduces Third Generation SJNFET Process Platform

Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited of Hong Kong, a pure-play 200mm foundry, reports that it has concluded the Stage I of its R&D for the third-generation Super Junction MOSFET (SJNFET) process platform. The company plans to introduce its process platform to the market gradually during the first half of 2017. Hua …

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Team Demonstrates Room Temperature ALD and Etching

A University of Colorado, Boulder (CU) team recently devised a new method for room temperature ALD. They created the procedure known as electron-enhanced atomic layer deposition (EE-ALD), as part of DARPA’s Local Control of Materials Synthesis (LoCo) program. The CU team proved room-temperature deposition for both silicon and gallium nitride, …

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