Sumitomo’s SiC Epitaxial Wafer Mass Production Begins

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has begun mass producing a high-quality SiC epitaxial wafer, “EpiEra™”. The company claims that their new SiC epitaxial wafers feature a wafer area which is more than 99% defect free of defects. Sumitomo Electric reports that the company has successfully developed a high-quality SiC epitaxial wafer, …

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Pallidus Introduces M-SiC Material Platform

Pallidus, Inc. announced its proprietary M-SiC™ material and technology platform. According to Pallidus, its M-SiC technology can deliver cost/performance parity compared to silicon devices used in the power device market. Pallidus says that the ability to achieve cost/performance parity with silicon devices will increase market penetration by up to six …

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GT Introduces SiC Production Solution

GT Advanced Technologies Corporation (GT) of Merrimack, New Hampshire USA, has launched a silicon carbide production solution for commercial sale. According to GT, the production solution can produce high-quality, semiconductor grade, six-inch silicon carbide boules with a stable and repeatable process. The company contends that its complete silicon carbide production …

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Researchers at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Grow Material That May Allow GaN on Most Anything

David Meyer’s group at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a method to grow thin films of a transition metal nitride called niobium nitride (Nb2N). The thin crystalline substance features a similar structure to GaN. However, it has dramatically different electrical and physical properties. For example, Nb2N is …

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X-Fab and Exagan Demonstrate 200mm GaN-on-Silicon Production

X-FAB Silicon Foundries and Exagan, a start-up that specializes in gallium-nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology, demonstrated the ability to mass-production highly efficient, high-voltage power devices on 200-mm GaN-on-silicon wafers. The fabrication uses X-FAB’s standard CMOS production facility in Dresden, Germany. The production accomplishment resulted from a joint development agreement launched in …

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New Monocrystal Ultra-Clean Sapphire Wafers for MicroLEDs

Monocrystal releases UltraClean Sapphire wafers that are ideal for microLEDs

Monocrystal of Stravopol, Russia, announced the release of its new Ultra-Clean sapphire wafers. The company says it applied its cleaning technology to achieve a breakthrough in wafer surface quality. According to Monocrystal, high-precision optoelectronic applications including microLEDs require such high surface quality sapphire wafers. Furthermore, a number of leading LED producers are …

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