Carl Zeiss Microscopy Introduces Orion NanoFab

Carl Zeiss Microscopy of Jena, Germany has introduced the ORION NanoFab at the European Microscopy Congress (EMC) in Manchester, UK. It is the first multi-ion-beam tool based on Gas Field Ion Source (GFIS) technology. As an improvement on the existing helium ion microscope, ORION NanoFab also utilizes neon ions. The company contends that the system is therefore capable of providing a complete sub-10 nanometer nanofabrication and sub-nanometer imaging solution for industry, government, and academic research laboratories.

According to the company, the neon ion beam offers precise machining and nanofabrication capabilities due to higher sputter yields in ion beam milling and faster resist exposure in ion beam lithography. The company also says that the helium ion beam allows sub-10 nm nanofabrication in addition to high resolution imaging capability. An optional focused ion beam (FIB) column reportedly allows massive material removal.