Brolis Establishes R&D Division in Belgium

Lithuania-based company UAB Brolis Semiconductors announced the incorporation of a new research and development division, Brolis Semiconductors BVBA in Ghent, Belgium. The Belgian division intends to design and develop advanced integrated photonic systems that combine Brolis proprietary III-V technology for long-wave infrared light sources and the technology for CMOS compatible photonic integrated circuits.

Brolis Division to Focus on GaSb-based Laser Sensor Technology

One of the new division’s research objectives is to develop a new laser sensor technology using a laser sensing technology fabricated using a system on a chip with GaSb over Silicon-on-insulator for sensing in the spectral range of 1.5 – 3.5 microns ( a section within the infrared range of the spectrum) and higher for industrial and healthcare applications.

“Over the years Brolis has managed to bring GaSb-based laser diode technology to an industrial level with beyond state-of-the-art device performance and scale. The next big step is to merge these GaSb chips as key components with photonic integrated circuit technology based on CMOS compatible silicon-on-insulator technology. Moreover, we should bring it to an industrial level, suitable for consumer market applications,” said Dr. Andreas De Groote, who leads the design effort for photonic integrated circuit technology at the new location.

“While silicon photonics has predominantly been studied for optical transceivers, there are fantastic opportunities in the field of sensing as well. We believe the combination of GaSb III-V optoelectronics and silicon photonics can enable many applications in this domain,” said Prof. Gunther Roelkens from the Photonics Research Group at UGent – imec.