Bookham Releases LED Multiplexer Module for RPTVs

Bookham has released a modular multiplexer technology product called the ZoroLight LED
Multiplexer. It supports rear projection televisions RPTV and pocket
projectors that use LED illumination instead of conventional ultra high performance
(UHP) lamps. The company has designed optical thin film filters required for
multiplexing into a package that it says is more compact and optically efficient
than conventional solutions. ZoroLight multiplexes red, blue and green LED signals
to enable DLP (Digital Light Processor) projection devices. The module is designed
to requires minimum alignment during light engine assembly by customers. The
Bookham utilizes its patented AED (Advanced Energetic Deposition) automated
thin film optical coating technology to produce optical filters with ultra-low
defect levels and higher light throughput, tighter wavelength control, high
volume and low cost. Company
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