BluGlass and IQE Collaborate on Nitride Film Fabrication

Australian company, BluGlass Limited reported that it has entered into a formal Collaboration Agreement with IQE a producer of advanced semiconductor wafer products. Major global chip companies use IQE products to produce the high-performance components for applications including smartphone and wireless infrastructure and base stations, Wi-Fi, GPS, and satellite communications, as well as optical communications and optical storage.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will work together to develop specific enabling technology for fabricating high-quality nitride films. The fabrication will employ BluGlass Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) technology to make the films on both specially engineered substrates and silicon wafers. The production will also use IQE’s cREO™ technology for depositing compound semi materials on silicon.

IQE Group’s Vice President, Dr. Rodney Pelzel said, “BluGlass’ world leading RPCVD technology is highly complementary to IQE’s existing technology portfolio, and the collaboration is a key step in overcoming challenges inherent to epi-growth of cutting edge materials.” 

“This arrangement marks another key milestone for IQE as it continues to provide market-leading solutions to its customers.  This arrangement comes on the heels of our announcement earlier this year of successful transfer of cREO™ epi capability to IQE’s North Carolina manufacturing site. This collaborative arrangement is a key step in furthering this technology,” Dr. Pelzel added.

BluGlass Managing Director, Giles Bourne said, “We have chosen to work with IQE, based on the enormous market potential and impact that the applications that we will be co-developing could have on the semiconductor industry in the future. IQE is committed to cutting-edge innovation and their diverse product portfolio makes them a very compelling partner to be working with.”