BluGlass Boasts of Huge Savings of GaN on Glass

BluGlass of Australia reports that an independent assessment commissioned by
Wright, Williams, & Kelly Inc. found that its remote plasma CVD (RPCVD)
process for deposition of GaN on glass substrates can cut the cost of manufacturing
GaN-based devices. BluGlass says the report shows that its process can yield up
to 48 percent savings for LED epi on 2-inch diameter glass substrates compared
to standard MOCVD on 2-inch sapphire substrates. Additionally the BluGlass points
to a 70 percent reduction in material costs (largely because of the difference
in price between sapphire and glass substrates and utilizing nitrogen instead
of toxic ammonia.).

Additionally, BluGlass says that because of the greatly reduced temperature
requirement of 700 degrees Celsius instead of around 1000 degrees Celsius for
conventional MOCVD, the operating cost over the useful lifetime of a reactor
(about 7 years) is about $8 million lower. Company
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