Bel Power Solutions Power Supply Uses Transphorm’s GaN PFC Technology

Transphorm Inc. of Goleta, California USA, stated that the recently announced high-efficiency TET3000-12-069RA power supply from Bel Power Solutions uses its GaN PFC technology. In particular, the Bel Power Solutions power supply employs Transphorm’s GaN-based bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction (PFC) topology using Transphorm’s TPH3205WSB 49 milliOhm (mΩ) GaN FETs. With this technology, the power supply achieves above 96 percent efficiency.

The TET3000 is a 3kW power supply for reliably powering enterprise servers, routers, and network switching subsystems.
Bel Power Solutions designed the power supply with Transform technology to meet its needs for power density, size, and performance reliability.

The TET3000’s volume power density is 31.7W/in3. The device size measures 2.72 x 1.59 x 21.85 inches, small enough to meet 1U end-system design requirements. Finally, the TET3000 earned a CE Mark per the European Commission’s Low Voltage Directive, an initiative ensuring European citizen protection from electrical equipment. Also, the TET3000 is certified for 80 Plus Titanium

Higher Power Density, Improved Efficiency, Smaller Footprint, and Lower Cost

According to Transphorm, lower component count and EMI filter size provide the same power in a smaller footprint
Additionally, faster switching speeds lower crossover losses and increase system efficiency, and removing the bridge rectifier decreases losses by another 20 to 30 percent. Furthermore, Transphorm says that GaN enables increased performance and higher power density using twice the on-resistance of Si to help reduce system cost.

The power supply will be showcased during the Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) Europe conference as part of Transphorm’s co-located display in the HY-LINE Power Components booth (Hall 9, booth 525).