Baylin Technologies Releases 600W GaN SSPA/BUC

Baylin Technologies Inc. based in Toronto, Canada, reported that its subsidiary, Advantech Wireless Technologies Inc., (Advantech), released its new generation 600W C-Band Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. The company created the new GaN Solid State Amplifier (SSPA)/Block-Up-Converter (BUC) for ultra HD 4K/8K broadcasting applications.

Mr. Cristi Damian, VP business development at Advantech Wireless Technologies, indicated that the new 600W C-Band GaN SSPAs/BUCs provide increased linearity. He pointed out that they also support higher modulations of up to 256 APSK. “The enhanced linearity comes with no increase in size, weight or energy consumption thereby maximizing efficiency and reducing operational costs,” Mr. Damian said.

According to Mr. Randy Dewey, president and CEO of Baylin, in Ultra HD broadcasting, including satellite television and premium cable networks, additional power is needed to convey higher modulation at a lower cost.
Mr. Dewey stated, “In recent field trials, these units were able to transmit 500 Mbps data over satellite with perfect video quality.”

Mr. Damian said, “The new generation GaN based SSPAs are designed for very high order modulation transmission, which will make Ultra HD 4K/8K broadcast over satellite more cost-effective. For example, if today’s standard uses 8PSK with 3 bits/Hz efficiency on most HD video transmissions over satellite, using 256 APSK will allow 8 bits/Hz which is a 2.6 time increase in bandwidth efficiency.”