Azur Space Solar Power Orders Aixtron MOCVD System

Aixtron SE is supplying its latest MOCVD technology to the German aerospace supplier Azur Space Solar Power GmbH. Azure Space intends to use the AIX 2800G4 series system, with an 8×6 inch configuration for the further expansion of its production of multi-junction III-V space and concentrator solar cells, which are primarily used in satellite solar panels. Aixtron plans to deliver the customized system in the second quarter of 2018.

Azur Space Has Used Aixtron’s Planetary Reactor Technology for Years

Azur Space has been using Aixtron’s planetary technology for some time. The AIX 2800G4 system, which follows the predecessor models of the G3 series, can produce 6-inch epitaxial wafers from gallium arsenide (GaAs) on germanium (Ge). Aixtron says that with the new system, Azur Space will benefit from the exceptional homogeneity of the processed wafers and the economic advantages of the AIX 2800G4. The AIX 2800G4 boasts maximum throughput and yield coupled with the most efficient use of resources, ensuring the lowest cost per wafer.

Jürgen Heizmann, managing director of Azur Space, said, “Applications in the aerospace industry have special requirements regarding the longevity and performance of solar cells. Aixtron’s equipment technology delivers this quality. With the introduction of the AIX 2800G4, we have deliberately set a very decisive, long-term course to continue to be able to supply competitive high-performance solar cells for the construction of space satellites in the future.”

Dr. Bernd Schulte, President of Aixtron SE, commented, “Our AIX 2800G4 system has earned an excellent reputation in the semiconductor industry as a reference system for the production of high quality epitaxial layers for GaAs-based devices. We are pleased to continue to support Azur Space as a long-standing customer in the expansion of its production.”