AMEC Enters LED Supply Chain with Debut of MOCVD Platform

At SEMICON China next week in Shanghai, China, Advanced Micro-Fabrication
Equipment Inc. (AMEC) will make its Solid-State Lighting (SSL) market debut
with a new multi-reactor Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD)
cluster tool. The Prismo D-Blue™ MOCVD platform enables high-volume
manufacturing of GaN, InGaN and AlGaN ultrathin layered structures required for
high-brightness LEDs. AMEC claims that the system offers precise parameter
control, full automation in a compact design. Also the company says it offers
high productivity, high yields and lowest possible cost-of-ownership. A Prismo
tool has already been shipped to a customer’s LED production line in China.

The patented architecture can accommodate up to four reactors that can be
controlled independently. Therefore the device can process in parallel or
sequential mode, reducing cross-contamination and ensuring the high crystalline
quality LED fabrication. The company contends that the tool’s footprint
efficiency is nearly 30 percent smaller than competitive single-reactor
systems, making the Prismo a smarter fit for today’s LED fabs.

“The SSL market is an essential element of our growth strategy,”
said Dr. Zhiyou Du, Senior Vice President and General Manager of AMEC’s MOCVD
Product Business Division. “Our expert MOCVD technology team has created a
differentiated, thoroughly flexible MOCVD platform with innovations to solve
complex technical and production challenges. We’re excited to offer customers
this highly productive and cost-efficient alternative technology to make their
advanced LED devices.”

The Prismo platform can reportedly process up to 216 2-inch wafers
simultaneously. The processing capability will extend to 4, 6 and 8-inch wafer
production. AMEC claims that in marathon runs, the tool demonstrated
breakthrough repeatability and excellent within-wafer and wafer-to-wafer
uniformity. These results were achieved with no recipe adjustments throughout
the entire epitaxial process. According to the company, in the same marathons
the system encountered zero process interruptions. The high reliability is
enabled by in-situ, real-time monitoring of growth process parameters. It’s
also thanks to sophisticated software, advanced transfer modules, and process
automation and control technologies. Finally, Prismo is reportedly optimized
for easy maintenance.