Aledia Chooses Veeco Propel System for Development of 3D Nanowire LEDs

Veeco Instruments Inc. of Plainview, New York USA, reported that Aledia, a developer and producer of next-generation 3D LEDs for display applications using its gallium-nitride-nanowires-on-silicon platform, picked Veeco’s Propel® GaN MOCVD system. Aledia says it will use the system to support advanced research and development of the 3D nanowire LEDs. Aledia pointed to the device’s single-wafer reactor technology, large process window, and defect stability as key factors in choosing the Propel system.

“On the heels of the company’s previous adoption of Veeco’s K465i™ MOCVD system, Aledia’s decision to turn to Veeco once again to support future generations of nanowire-LED technologies for mobile displays is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence,” noted Peo Hansson, Ph.D., senior vice president and general manager of MOCVD at Veeco.

Veeco says it designed the Propel system for GaN applications such as advanced LEDs, power, RF, and laser diodes, and noted that the system can process six- and eight-inch wafers or two- to four-inch wafers in a mini-batch mode.

3D Nanowire LEDs Seen as Potential Competitor Against Micro-LED Displays in Future

Micro LED displays are widely forecast to surpass OLED displays in terms of better performance and lower cost. This optimism in LED displays is driven by the promise of sub-100 micrometer LEDs, considered a crucial enabler for achieving the ultimate display. Some including Aledia consider 3D nanowire LEDs to be a potential competitor against such future display technologies.

“We believe that the opportunity for our breakthrough nanowire-LED display technology on large-area silicon is very large, and we need the best and most scalable technology available to support our continued R&D around 3D display applications—we believe Veeco is best positioned,” stated Giorgio Anania, CEO, chairman and co-founder of Aledia. “Veeco’s cutting-edge Propel system delivers unsurpassed results, and very good homogeneity throughout the entire wafer, making it the best choice and one we know will help us continue to push the limits of innovation.”