Akhan Semiconductor Issued Japanese Patent for Diamond Semiconductor Fabrication

Akhan Semiconductor of Chicago, Illinois USA, reported that the Japan Patent Office has awarded the company a patent covering a process for producing diamond semiconductor materials. Such diamond semiconductor materials can be utilized in aerospace, automotive, military, defense, telecommunications, and consumer electronics applications.

The Japanese patent granted to Akhan, JP6195831 (B2), is a foreign counterpart of other issued and pending patents that Akhan Semiconductor, Inc. owns and utilizes in the company’s Miraj Diamond™ Platform products.

Patent Said to Cover Base Materials Common to Semiconductor Components

The company says that the newly issued patent protects for uses far beyond the existing applications, including the use of diamond semiconductor material in microprocessors. Akhan further asserts that the patent covers the base materials common to virtually all semiconductor components and that the technology can be employed in applications including diodes, transistors, and power inverters, and even fully functioning diamond-based integrated circuitry.

Akhan boasts that its Miraj Diamond™ Glass for mobile display and camera lenses features 6 times the strength, has 10 times the hardness, and runs over 800x cooler than leading glass competitors such as Gorilla Glass. The Miraj Diamond™ Glass coats standard commercial glass such as Fused Silica, aluminosilicate, BK7 with lab-grown nanocrystalline diamond.

Diamond-based technology can operate with increased power density, and can also allow faster, lighter, and simpler devices for consumers. The company contends that such diamond-based electronics, which it claims cost less and can be thinner than silicon equivalents, could become the industry standard for energy efficient electronics.

“This patent adds to the list of other key patents in the field of Diamond Semiconductor that are owned by the company, including the ability to fabricate transparent electronics, as well as the ability to form reliable metal contacts to diamond semiconductor systems,” said Carl Shurboff, president and COO, AKHAN Semiconductor, Inc. “This patent bolsters the supporting evidence of AKHAN’s leadership in manufacturing diamond semiconductor products, and supports ongoing efforts with our major defense, aerospace and space system development partners.”