Akhan Semiconductor Gets U.S. Trademark for Miraj Diamond and Taiwan Patent

Akhan Semiconductor of Chicago, Illinois USA, a specialist in lab-grown diamonds for electronics, reported that it obtained official notifications from both the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) for the Miraj Diamond trademark registration and patent allowance.

The official registration of the Miraj Diamond mark by the USPTO (Registration No. 5,438,740) follows nearly six years of completed filings fulfilled by the Illinois-based technology company after its December 2012 launch. The TIPO issued patent I615943 to Akhan Semiconductor. The new Taiwan patent is the second Akhan patent to be granted by the country and is a foreign counterpart of other issued and pending patents that Akhan Semiconductor owns for use in its Miraj Diamond® products.

The patent claims protect uses of the diamond semiconductor material far beyond the existing applications, including its potential use in microprocessor applications. Furthermore, the company says that the Taiwan patent covers the base materials common to virtually all semiconductor components. Therefore, the company says it can assert the intellectual property when diamond semiconductor materials are used in everything from diodes, transistors, and power inverters, to fully functioning diamond chips such as integrated circuitry.

“The notices of these issuances are very timely as we complete the construction of our cleanroom pilot production facility in northern Illinois,” added Carl Shurboff, Akhan president and COO. “With the targeted 2019 launch of our Miraj Diamond® Glass products for Smartphone devices and the concurrent development of our Miraj Diamond® electronics products for aerospace and defense, the brand equity we deliver in diamond continues unparalleled.”