AKHAN Awarded Key Global Patent for Diamond Semiconductor Fabrication

AKHAN Semiconductor, a Chicago-based company that specializes in lab-grown, electronics-grade diamonds, reported that the Taiwan Patent Office issued the firm a key patent. The patent covers a method for fabricating diamond semiconductor materials. According to the firm, such diamond semiconductors have applications in aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, defense, military, and telecommunications systems, amongst others.

The newly issued patent (I557776) is a foreign counterpart of other issued and pending patents (including US Patent Application #61/513,569) that AKHAN Semiconductor, Inc. owns. The company uses these issued and pending patents in its Miraj Diamond™ Platform products.

AKHAN says that as key landmark patent, the claims cover uses far beyond the existing applications, including future microprocessor applications. According to AKHAN, the newly issued patent covers the base materials common to nearly all semiconductor components. Therefore, the firm contends that the intellectual property can be realized in most any application ranging from transistors, diodes, and power inverters, to fully functioning diamond chips in integrated circuitry.

“We believe that the claims in this patent will play an important role in incorporating diamond semiconductor materials in today and the next generation of electronics systems,” said Adam Khan, founder an CEO, AKHAN Semiconductor, Inc.
AKHAN’s flagship Miraj Diamond™ Glass for mobile display and camera lens is 10x harder, 6x stronger, and runs over 800x cooler than glass competitors like Gorilla Glass.

The firm’s Miraj Diamond™ Glass coats standard commercial glass including Fused Silica, aluminosilicate, and BK7 with lab-grown nanocrystalline diamond. The company notes that diamond based technology can increase power density and can enable faster, lighter, and simpler consumer devices.