Aixtron Underscores 15 Year CS Track Record on Silicon Substrates

Weighing in on the heels of Motorola’s compounds on silicon epitaxy technology,
Aixtron AG justly underscored their 15 years of MOCVD development perfecting
III-V compound semiconductor transistor material technology on silicon wafers,
particularly their recent HEMT work over the last 5 years. Aixtron noted it
owns a substantial number of patents and IP rights protecting the key underlying
MOCVD technology, and has further applied for additional patents in its field
of business for the particular HeteroWaferâ technology resulting from this development
at Aixtron. “The initial developments started already about 15 years
ago by investigations of GaAs and related III-V material synthesis routes by
means of MOCVD. Core know how was accumulated over the years, already resulting
in 1992 in the design of the worlds largest MOCVD reactor, the AIX 3000, a true
multiwafer 12″ (300mm) technology, with a capacity of 3 of these large 12″ Silicon
wafers. Detailed process development at this large scale continued, developing
base processes for the required variety of III-V materials, from GaAs, AlGaAs,
to GaInP, AlGaInP, and reaching into the InP material system. In the continuing
years first MOCVD epitaxial processes for these III-V materials have been demonstrated
on the multiwafer 8″ scale, being today available on a manufacturing level since
a few years already
,” said Aixtron.