Aixtron to Lead Production Work in Graphene Flagship Project

Aixtron SE reported that it is a key partner in the recently announced
European Union (EU) Future Emerging Technology (FET) flagship project
“Graphene”. As part of the consortium, Aixtron will bring its
expertise in deposition processes for graphene and will lead the production
work of the project.

Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, with Professor Jari Kinaret as
the flagship Director, will coordinate 126 academic and industrial research
groups in 17 European countries. The EU funding for the academic-industrial
consortium starts with an initial 30-month-EU budget of 54 million euro, which
will be extended up to 10 years with 1 billion Euro total project cost. Further
contributions will come from the Horizon 2020 program and local programs from
various EU countries.

“For a disruptive new material such as graphene, long-term
investment is required to create the entire value chain and end market
Dr. Bernd Schulte, COO at Aixtron said,
“Support for the Graphene Flagship over the next decade by the EU is
indeed a significant commitment that makes this possible.”

Dr. Ken Teo, Director of Nanoinstruments at Aixtron, said, “Our
key contribution is to enable high quality large-scale graphene growth through
the development of next generation deposition equipment.”

Dr. Teo noted that graphene will be produced for a variety of applications
ranging from wireless communications to display, sensing and energy storage.
“This is a unique opportunity for us to interact with and understand
the requirements of R&D and industrial end-users,”
he said.