Aixtron Reports on EpiValley GaN LED Capacity Increase

Aixtron AG of Aachen, Germany, reported that it received another repeat order
from EpiValley Co., Ltd., headquartered in Kwangju City, South Korea in the
second quarter of 2007. EpiValley, a long-term Aixtron customer, reportedly
purchased three new Thomas Swan Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) Crius production
epitaxy reactors. The three Crius systems have a capacity of 30×2”. According
to Aixtron the systems will be dedicated to the manufacture of gallium nitride
(GaN) based epitaxial wafers for the production of high-brightness side-view
LEDs. Aixtron pointed out that EpiValley, a manufacturer of epiwafers for blue,
green, and UV LED and LED chips, was the first to commission the CCS Crius system
and was among the first companies in the world to produce high brightness blue
LED epi-wafers on the Crius tool.

Dr. D.J. Park, president and CEO of EpiValley Co., Ltd., said, "We
have been very happy with our first Thomas Swan CCS Crius MOCVD tool which was
commissioned and providing us with wafers in a very short time. Now that our
customers are ramping up their production of side-view LEDs we must quickly
increase wafer throughput. Therefore we decided to place this triple order.
With all four Crius systems in place we will be able to satisfy the twin requirements
of performance and price for the vast LED back-light unit (BLU) and solid-state
lighting market."
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