Agnitron Develops Gallium Oxide MOCVD

Agnitron Technology of Eden Prairie, Minnesota USA reported that the company has developed a new metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) growth capability for growing beta-phase gallium oxide (β-Ga2O3) films with an order of magnitude improvement to background concentration levels. The company presented the new growth capability at the 2018 US Workshop on Gallium Oxide at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, August 15-16.

Regardless of deposition technique, the company says that the development achieved a new record for room and low-temperature bulk film mobilities in β-Ga2O3. According to Agnitron, this advance has the potential to enable field effect transistors that can operate at voltages above 10 kV.

Gallium Oxide Holds Potential for Improved Voltage Conversion Systems

If the material’s potential is realized, the company says that improvements in performance including lower on-resistance and switching losses, higher operating temperatures and higher frequency operation, could enable reduced size, weight, complexity, and enhanced efficiency of voltage converter systems. Such improved voltage converter systems could also eventually translate to improved performance and energy savings for electric drive vehicles, transportation infrastructure, and even distributed and renewable energy systems.

In support of that vision the Agnitron team, led by Agnitron President and program PI Dr. Andrei Osinsky said, “It was clear that reducing background concentration is critical to the future commercial viability of β-Ga2O3. Thus, we focused on optimizing a number of key reactor and process parameters and managed to grow films with surprisingly low levels.”

Dr. Osinsky said, “There is much more work to do but already a number of recent runs have produced films near 10µm thick and shown the improved process can reproducibly offer background concentration levels in the ~5E15 cm-3 range as measured by CV and Hall measurement techniques.”