Agenda for SSLS 2006 in Taiwan Now Posted

We know you’ve been waiting to see what CompoundSemi Online Inc. has in store
for the annual Taiwan meet for the solid state lighting (SSL) industry, SSLS
, and now the agenda
is posted and live
for your viewing pleasure. When we say “live
it’s because this dynamic online media form allows us to post updates as they
become confirmed, but scrolling through the agenda you’ll see there’s enough
information, title talks and speaker names to make anyone want to get their
reservations in early. This critical SSL industry event, formerly known as “Blue
and now in its 4th year, is precisely what the name implies: a forum that gathers
together all the shakers and movers in the burgeoning SSL supply chain, right
in the middle of the most active manufacturing center, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

for the event are May 9 through 11 to be held at the incredible Ambassador Hotel
in Hsinchu.
And note that this year we have sparkling color pictures of the
stars of the show, our conference
George Mueller (founder chairman of Color Kinetics), Yung-Sheng
Liu (VP and general director of ITRI’s Opto-Electronics & Systems Laboratories
(OES), Robert Walker (CEO of eLite Optoelectronics) and Program Chair Alan Thompson
(senior technology editor of CompoundSemi News/LIGHTimes). Plus, all
SSLS 2006 info pages carry handy links to the websites of our sponsors, led
by Tecore, Aixtron, eLite, Rubicon and Veeco. We’ll be profiling the program
in more detail in upcoming installments of The McDonald Report,
to your viewing left. For now, simply take
a look at the agenda
and prepared to be impressed!