AFRL Awards Qorvo Contract to Develop GaN Modeling Tool

Qorvo®, a provider of RF solutions based in Greensboro, North Carolina USA, reported that the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) awarded the company a four-year contract. For the contract, Qorvo intends to develop and implement a physics-based, unified gallium nitride (GaN) modeling framework to speed up the designing of GaN devices.

Qorvo notes, that GaN’s superior power density and ability to provide higher output power and efficiency, including at millimeter-wave frequencies, makes it the technology of choice for radar, electronic warfare, as well as communication systems for defense and commercial applications. Hence, the AFRL chose to fund the development of the GaN modeling tool.

Qorvo to Lead Team of Industry and University Collaborators for AFRL Contract

The company serves as the leading supplier of GaN components for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), and the prime contractor on the Engineering Predictable Behavior into GaN Devices Foundational Engineering Problem (FEP) contract. Also, Qorvo will lead a group of industry and university organizations in this GaN modeling tool creation effort. The team includes Modelithics, Inc., the University of Padua, NI AWR, HRL and the University of Colorado-Boulder.

The group of collaborators intends to create a single tool that unifies physics modeling and device modeling of GaN structures. Qorvo says that this tool will offer predictive capabilities that will let circuit designers make performance and reliability trade-offs at the design stage, which is not currently possible.

Also, according to Qorvo, this new capability will greatly reduce the number of design-build-test iterations. The tool is also expected to enhance reliability, and help designers achieve reductions in cost and delivery times for capabilities critical to the Air Force, DoD and commercial industries.

Delivery of the final, unified modeling framework is expected during 2022.