Advantech Wireless Increases Production Capacity of GaN-based Power Amplifiers and BUCs

Advantech Wireless of Montreal, Canada, has increased its production capacity of GaN technology based solid-state power amplifiers (SSPAs) and blocked up converters (BUCs) to meet high market demand.

Cristi Damian, VP Business development at Advantech Wireless, stated, “Market response to our innovative GaN based SSPA offering in the last several years, has exceeded the production capabilities. As a result, we have added additional manufacturing capacity to be in line with the demand. We will continue to serve our customers with the most advanced RF technology on the market while reducing our lead time as expected by our clients.”

Advantech Wireless boasts that its units that are up to 50% smaller, generate up to 30% less heat, and consume up to 70% less power. Advantech says its highly reliable wireless GaN-based products with superior noise performance can be fitted with Ethernet, SNMP, Telnet, Web GUI and/or CLI interfaces. According to Advantech, the new systems are redundant ready with no external controller required. Advantech also says they are ideal for single carrier, multi-carrier, and multi transponder uplinking.