ADI and Imec Partner on IoT Sensors

Belgian research and innovation hub Imec and Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) of Norwood, Massachusetts reported that they have partnered to develop the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. With two initiatives already started, imec and ADI intend to create devices that only require low-power and come with greatly enhanced or entirely new sensing capabilities.

This new partnership is the latest example of imec and ADI’s long history of joint development of high-performance, low-power, and economical circuits and systems.

Notably, the sensors and the chips that smart devices are based on are frequently too large, too costly, and not accurate enough to be practical. One already started joint research initiative seeks to develop localization technology.

“Building on imec’s world-leading position in innovative ultra-low power implementations, ADI and imec will pursue the development of a low-power sensor for highly accurate indoor localization in the context of smart building or smart industry solutions,” stated Kathleen Philips, imec program director. “Concretely, we want this sensor to localize objects with a superior accuracy in a robust manner and achieve up to five times better accuracy than today’s best-performing solutions.”

A second initiative seeks to create and ultimately commercialize a highly-integrated liquid sensor that can be employed in a range of applications including the analysis of water, urine, or blood.

Kathleen Philips added, “Our single-chip sensor comprises multiple electrodes and excels in terms of cost and size while demonstrating industry-leading sensitivity and accuracy.”

“In ADI we have found a partner that brings to market professional-grade, high-value-add sensor systems. Thanks to ADI’s commercial insights, in combination with its innovative mindset, we can build differentiating technology that meets IoT market requirements today and tomorrow,” added Rudi Cartuyvels, Executive Vice President at imec.