ADC Gets Into Tunable Lasers through Acquisition of Altitun

Minneapolis-based major
supplier of network equipment, ADC

has acquired a major supplier bought Altinun,
of Kista, Sweden for approximately $ 872 million. Altinun is billed
as the first company to produce tunable lasers commercially and
tunable lasers has been predicted by Strategies
as one of the four most important CS-industry sectors
to keep tabs on (the other three being VCSELs, HB-LEDs, and blue
lasers). As explained by ADC upon the event of the acquisition,
the tunable laser has practical applications in existing and next-generation
optical networks. Existing laser products can only emit signals
at a single wavelength. A tunable laser, however, can be made to
emit light signals at any required wavelength. This flexibility
allows the telecom provider to provision bandwidth dynamically to
customers in order to meet changing demands and requirements. The
replacement of fixed wavelength lasers with tunable lasers provides
significant inventory and operational savings in existing networks.
The tunable laser also allows signals to be routed, combined and
separated by wavelength in next-generation optical networks. This
unique ability makes the tunable laser a critical component in systems,
such as add/drop multiplexers, optical cross connects and fast packet
optical switching devices, which are necessary to build these all-optical
networks. The proposed acquisition is the largest optics acquisition
to date for ADC and marks the fifth optics acquisition by ADC in
the last six years.