5 European Companies Form EPIC Photonics Consortium

A consortium of potentially "EPIC" proportions has been formed as
a means of living up to its acronym: EPIC, which stands for European Photonics
Industry Consortium
. In a joint press release issued Dec. 29th from EPIC
headquarters in Paris, France, five European companies: Aixtron AG, Cambridge
Display Technology Ltd, Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH, Philips Lighting BV,
and Sagem SA, formed EPIC, which was originally developed by what’s called "the
OPTIMIST coordinating programme of the IST-5th framework research programme"
of the European Commission. EPIC’s goal is to build sustainable growth for the
European optoelectronics industries by bringing together manufacturers of fabrication
equipment, components manufacturers and users of photonics components and systems.
Their first project is to develop and maintain their version of a technology
roadmap for photonics technologies, which will be the basis for discussions
with the EC as a means of encouraging design research and development programs
that respond to the needs of European companies. Dr. Bernd Schulte of Aixtron
is serving as president of the newly-formed association and stated that,