Solar Frontier Opens London Office

Solar Frontier Europe reported today that it has opened a new office in London. According to the company, the new office will enable Solar Frontier to scale up its UK commercial and residential rooftop and power plant business. The company says that the new branch demonstrates its continued commitment to…

Researchers Use Bacteria to Produce CdS Quantum Dots

Researchers at Lehigh University led by Tori Berard have devised a process in which bacteria produces cadmium sulfide nanocrystals (quantum dots). While the optical properties of quantum dots (QDs) have made them attractive for photovoltaics, lighting, display, and biomedical imaging technologies, the cost to produce them has been prohibitive. Additionally,…

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Applied Optoelectronics Launches 25 Gbps Laser Diodes

Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. based in Surgarland, Texas, has introduced laser diodes operating at a data rate of up to 25 Gigabits per second (Gbps). The company designed the new Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers for next-generation datacenters in which interconnect speeds of 25 Gbps can enable higher data throughput, reduced power consumption, …

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Skyworks to Open Design Center in San Diego

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. of Woburn, Massachusetts USA, announced that it is opening a design center and laboratory facility in San Diego, California. The design center will focus on developing technologies for 4G/5G protocols and the Internet of Things. “We are excited to be expanding our design and development capabilities, particularly …

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